BCNT  Lectures Programme  2018

    All lectures will be held on the ground floor of the Salvation Army Citadel located at the corner of James Street West and Green Park Road. It is opposite Green Park Station.

    All lectures will be held on the 2nd Tuesday in the month at 2.30pm except March 2018. There are no lectures in December & January.

    A charge will be made for all lectures of £3 for members and £5 for visitors.

    February 13th 2018 - "Chartwell and the Churchills"

    Dr Kathleen McCarthy was a volunteer at Chartwell until recently. She will briefly explore the interesting history of Chartwell before going on to look at how Winston Churchill fell in love with the house, bought it, and made his unique mark on it. Churchill family life then revolved around Chartwell; we will think about what the house and its contents have to tell us about their life there.

    March 20th 2018 - "18th Century Shell House & Grotto Decoration in Bath and the West Country"

    Note this date has been changed and is not the second Tuesday in March

    An illustrated talk by Dr Gerald Hull and his wife Margaret. This illustrated lecture will notify the Grand Tour and
    the social-intellectual contexts for the changes within garden landscaping which developed throughout the century. It will focus on landowners and aristocracy and the developing role of women in shell house and grotto design within the counties in question - the Earl of Shaftesbury, the Goldneys, Ralph Allen, the Beckfords, Mary Delany, Lady Hertford and Charles Hamilton. There will be a careful examination of locations in Bristol, Bath, Fonthill, Old Wardour, Wimborne, Shelborne, Bowden, Belcombe and Bowood where new discoveries and interpretations at Crowe Hall, Prior Park and Fonthill Gifford will also be presented.

    April 10th 2018 - "The Offa's Dyke Path; South to North"

    A talk by Alastair Chalmers. In 2007/9 he walked the length of the path in stages, weaving back and forth across the invisible border between England and Wales. The route passes through magnificent and varied scenery, full of history and interest. His talk is illustrated with photographs taken en route of the countryside, its buildings and plants.

    May 8th 2018 - AGM

    After the AGM there will be a talk "The Trials and Tribulations of Working in Africa" by Jenny Bowen, Director of Sense Africa. She runs a business that creates tailor-made holidays to southern Africa. Her business has been running for 11 years and even today she is amazed at how things work, or don’t, in the countries she operates in. Jenny will go through her highs and lows of operating in Africa with amusing and anecdotal stories including being chased by a hippo which she was trying to feed.

    June 12th 2018 - "Walking Hadrian's Wall"

    Ian Williamson will give us an illustrated talk about his five day walk along the 84 miles of Hadrian's Wall from Wall's End, Newcastle to Bowness.

    July 10th 2018 - "The British Honours System"

    This presentation by Ashley Jones, takes the audience on a journey through the British Honours System, including some of the lesser known awards and stories of some worthy recipients. He will explain how to nominate someone for an award, how the selection process works and what to expect if a letter suddenly drops on your doormat from the Cabinet Office.

    August 14th 2018 - "Swindon, Wiltshire & the Suffragettes"

    2018 is the 100th anniversary of votes for propertied women over 30 years of age. Author Lucienne Boyce will tell us about the local suffragette movement.

    September 11th 2018 - "Brunel's Ships"

    Commander Philip Unwin RN will tell us about Brunel's three ships, the Great Western, Great Britain and Great Eastern. After dealing relatively briefly with the first two ships, he will cover the construction and life of Brunel’s leviathan, the Great Eastern, and her management and mismanagement, in more detail.

    October 9th 2018 - " The Code Breakers of Bletchley Park"

    John Selby will take a slightly different look at Bletchley Park and the role it played in breaking the codes used by the Germans before and during the second world war. Much has been written about the achievement at Bletchley. This presentation looks more closely at the people involved and the part these individuals played, the risks that were taken and some of the unsung heroes who are less known.

    November 13th 2018 - "The Grand Tour"

    Bernard Merrick's talk "The Grand Tour" will inform us of what rich teenagers were doing in the 1700's and 1800's when they were sent abroad - how they travelled, where they went and how WE became Tourists! and......what has a dining fork got to do with it all?